20 Tips to Saving Money

save-nowI believe that saving money is an important life skill to have. It is extremely difficult to have to balance everyday expenditures with investments and savings, so a little bit of know how is required.

You need to learn to save money smartly, and to do so would mean to pay a bit more attention to your daily expenditures.

What I have noticed with a lot of people is that while they rarely spend on big ticket items, they end up spending small amounts of cash everyday without realizing that it amounts to much bigger expenditures in the long run.

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5 Time Management Tips to Help Your Lifestyle

save-timeI have always believed in the phrase “Time is gold”. In other words, every second you waste on doing something unproductive is another second you lost forever.

This means that you become less efficient, produce less, and have less time for other things in your life.

Procrastination has always been an unpleasant habit of many students and workers because it sacrifices productivity and quality because of the need of having to rush their work. [Read more...]